• Bilingual Resources

    IStation Reading for our EL students 

    ISIP™ Reading (Istation’s assessment for pre-K through 8th grade) and Istation Reading (instruction for pre-K through 8th grade) measure and instruct in skills most predictive of reading success:

    • Listening Comprehension
    • Letter Knowledge
    • Vocabulary
    • Phonological/Phonemic Awareness
    • Alphabetic Decoding
    • Self-Selected Reading
    • Spelling
    • Word Analysis
    • Comprehension
    • Reading Fluency
    • Phonics
    • Alphabet and Alphabetic Principle
    • Written Response to Reading Selections

    Readers are assessed in approximately 30 minutes with an engaging computer-adaptive assessment. Based on their results, learners are seamlessly placed in interactive online instruction. Struggling students are routed through reteach lessons, and teachers are given instant reports to monitor student progress. Each Priority Report directs teachers to specific skills-based, small-group lessons for targeted reading intervention.