• District 65 Assessments

    Evanston/Skokie School District 65 believes that students benefit from robust and focused assessment practices that provide teachers, parents, and students with information needed to design instruction, measure progress, and provide feedback. Assessment is a critical foundation for teaching and learning. District 65 also believes that it is essential to use multiple measures to assess students performance to help eliminate bias and ensure opportunity to view students strengths and abilities in different modalities and environments.

    For additional assessment information (Assessment Calendar, Parent GuidesIllinois Accelerated Placement Act, and NWEA MAP Assessment: Remote Testing Guidance), click the links on the left-hand side of this page.

    Students in District 65 participate in several types of assessment designed to aid their learning. These include the following:

    • Outcome Assessments - Outcome assessments measure student learning towards standards and frequently include assessments required by the State of Illinois and are given annually. Examples include DLM, PARCC, ACCESS.
    • Universal Screening Assessments/Benchmark Assessments - Universal screening assessments measure student progress toward learning goals (or benchmarks). Benchmark assessments are typically administered several times each year to ensure ongoing feedback for students. In grades 3-8, for example, the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) measures students’ performance and growth in reading and math. The assessments are standards aligned and allow educators to identify students who are not yet meeting grade level standards.
    • Diagnostic Assessments - Diagnostic assessments provide teachers information needed to diagnose students’ strengths and areas of need. These diagnoses allow teachers to develop a plan for differentiating instruction and identifying students to receive additional supports. The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA), which measures students’ reading comprehension skills, is an example of a diagnostic assessment.
    • Progress Monitoring or Formative Assessments - Progress monitoring assessments are aligned to a specific area of growth for a student and measure the progress a student is making towards a defined learning target.   
    • Program Assessments - Program assessments are generally developed as part of a curricular package and measure students’ ability to meet learning targets defined in specific units of study or across the curriculum.  

    Please keep in mind that our common district assessments are one of many tools used to track student progress. Teachers and students also give and receive feedback through classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, projects, and classroom conferencing. Grades given each trimester also provide important feedback to students and parents.

    For questions regarding student assessment, your child’s classroom teacher is often the best place to start. Questions about the District’s common assessments can also be directed to the Office of Research, Accountability, and Data at (847) 859-8060 or parents@district65.net.

    Click here to view descriptions of assessments administered in District 65.