Community Conversations on Race

    Small Groups 2020

    Want to go deeper in your exploration of anti-racism or talking about race with your kids? Now more than ever, it is important we continue our Community Conversations on Race at Willard and take anti-racist actions within our families and school.  This year our committee is planning to hold small groups on Zoom for parents, guardians and school staff to engage in readings, dialogue, and plans for anti-racist actions.  We're currently offering three online small groups that each plan to meet monthly.  Follow this link to sign up to participate.  Two groups will be held as affinity groups based on self-identified racial groups, the 3rd group is open to all.  To learn more or join a group click here.

    Stay tuned for more info on ways we can continue to learn, grow, and make positive anti-racist change in our community through additional Community Conversations on Race events and groups this year.  If you'd like to join our planning committee, email Co-Chairs Sarah Petersen or Suzanne Bost.


    Small Group 1: Talking to Kids About Race - Black Affinity Group

    Facilitated by K. Tyler and Hope Jones, every 4th Thursday evening, starting 9/24 

    Explaining current events and the historical time that we are witnessing can be challenging to dissect and discuss, especially to your elementary age black child.  How much do you share with them?  How many layers of the onion do you peel back?  How do you equip them to recognize and defend themselves against racism without stealing their innocence and burdening them with the heavy weight of our country’s horrible past?  Join us to learn from and with one another on this timely yet ancient topic.


    Small Group 2: What is Anti-Racism? How Do We Do More? - White Affinity Group

    Facilitated by Suzanne Bost and Sarah Petersen, every fourth Wednesday evening, 7:30-8:30pm, starting 9/23

    We are probably all opposed to racism, and probably none of us wants to be called a racist. This white affinity group will investigate how we as white folks (often inadvertently) contribute to structural racism and white privilege. We'll learn together and challenge one another to make changes in our own lives.  What can white folks do to end racism? A lot!


    Small Group 3: How to Be an Anti-Racist at Willard - Open to All

    Facilitated by Danielle Cohen and Sarah Gordon, every fourth Tuesday evening, 7:30-8:30pm, starting 9/22

    In this small group, we will explore what it means to be anti-racist and how embracing anti-racism can help us achieve equity in our school community. We will discuss what actions we can take individually and collectively to ensure our community is open and inclusive and supports a thriving educational environment for every student.


    Click this link to join a virtual small group.