• Planned Absence Forms


    Planned Absence Form (3-9 School Days)

    In the event a family has a planned vacation, the parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for submitting a Planned Absence Notification Form. This online form will serve as notification to a student’s school administration of a family's planned vacation no less than two-weeks prior to the student’s absence. The Planned Absence Notification Form does not excuse a student’s absence.

    Planned Absence Notification Form (English)


    Planned Absence Form (10 or More School Days)

    Please contact your school secretary directly for information about completing the extended planned absence form of 10 or more school days.

    You will be required to complete the form in-person at your child's school. The principal will then sign-off on the form and send it to the Registration Office.

    In certain cases, you may be required to complete a new registration form to re-enroll in the District. The Registration Office will contact families directly if they are required to complete a new registration prior to their return from an extended planned absence of 10 or more school days.