• Permissive Transfer 
    picture of a checklist Permissive transfers provide families and children with a choice and opportunity to attend a district school outside of their attendance-area school. Attendance-area schools are determined by the address of the family's residence. Click here to view District 65 attendance-area maps.

    Application process for the 2018-2019 school year opens on February 1, 2018

    Please click here to access the Limited School Choice Program application page. 

    Selection Process

    Applicants are assigned a random number and chosen by lottery. When making permissive transfer, magnet program, and magnet school selections, consideration is given to gender balance and enrollments at the schools impacted by the selection.

    Limited School Choice selection preferences are given to the following as long as the gender balance and relief of overcrowding goals are not violated:

    • Magnet school applicants who live within a neighborhood preference area
    • Siblings of students placed at a school for programmatic reasons
    • Siblings of a student currently attending a magnet school or participating in a magnet program

    If you receive a selection letter, you will be given a deadline by which to inform the District whether or not you accept the placement. 

    Click here to learn more about student registration. To ensure an equitable selection process, the only information used to make a selection is the information contained within the application and received through the registration form. In the application process, applicants are assigned a random number and chosen by lottery.

    Please note that students who attend a school on permissive transfer are not eligible for district transportation services. Permissive transfer students must attend on a consistent basis and student attendance is reviewed throughout the school year. Students who are excessively tardy or absent may be required to forfeit their permissive transfer and return to the attendance-area school.