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    Please visit the Haven website regularly for calendar of events, announcements, and other up-to-date information.  The website is our main form of communication.



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    Assignment Notebooks

    All students are required to have the Haven Assignment Notebook every day.  As we work on executive function skills, we require all students to have the Haven Assignment Book with them every day.  The assignment notebook is an important tool for academic success and will be utilized in a variety of ways. Students will be issued their assignment notebooks at the beginning of the school year.  Additional assignment notebooks can be purchased in the main office for $5.00.





    Continuous daily attendance has a direct correlation to student success.

    Student attendance, including being on time, will be monitored by 1st period teachers.

    School staff will consistently monitor student attendance. Please know, nine (9) unexcused absences signals chronic truancy.  

    Students are expected to be in their classroom ready to learn at 8:30 am, ready to begin the day.  

     To ensure a timely start, the doors will be open at 8:20.  

    • 7th & 8th graders should enter through door #2 on Prairie Avenue
    • 6th graders should enter through door #3 on Lincoln Street

    Students must attend school for at least half a day to attend any after school extra-curricular activities.



    Absence Reporting

    Each student absence requires parent verification.  To report an absence, please call Haven at 847-859-8200 and follow the prompts.


    Behavior Expectations and Discipline

    Creating a safe school environment is very important to our administration and teachers; we are committed to creating a supportive learning environment for all students. The purpose of our discipline system is to teach appropriate school behaviors and is not intended to be punitive. As a district, we are focusing our discipline around restorative justice practices which work to correct situations by addressing the impact of inappropriate behaviors on the school community and culture.

    Haven Non-Negotiables 



    Ready to Learn

    • Everyone will interact with each other and our building in a safe and polite manner that does not cause harm.
    • Everyone will use appropriate language (avoid curse words, offensive language).
    • Before school and during class time, everyone will have a pass. 
    • Everyone will act with integrity and honesty
    • Everyone will be on time and prepared with materials for ALL classes.
    • Everyone will only use electronics for educational purposes. No personal electronic devices (i.e. cell phones) during the school day. 

    Bell Schedule

    Arrival 8:20-8:30

    1st Period 8:30-9:09

    2nd Period 9:12-9:54

    3rd Period 9:57-10:36

    4th Period 10:39-11:18

    5th Period 11:21-12:01 (7th Grade Lunch)

    6th Period 12:04-12:44 (8th Grade Lunch)

    7th Period 12:47-1:27 (6th Grade Lunch)

    8th Period 1:30-2:09

    9th Period 2:12-2:51

    10th Period 2:54-3:35


    Bicycle Information

    Many Haven students ride bicycles to school.  If you ride a bicycle to school, you must store it in the bicycle racks located along the fence on Prairie Avenue. LOCK YOUR BIKE!  We recommend you use a U-lock to keep your bicycle secure. Students who find their bikes have been tampered with or stolen should contact the Evanston Police.


    Cell Phone Policy

    Cell phone use is not permitted during school hours.  Cell phones should not be seen or heard. Cell phones which are heard will be taken and placed in the main office for parent pick-up.  We recommend students secure their cell phone in their locker.


    Emergency Contact Information

    We need to be able to reach a parent/guardian at any point during the day.  It is vital that our parents make certain all phone numbers and email addresses are current.  Incorrect information will hamper our communication. It is imperative that you review and update your contact information in the Parent Portal each year.  You can access the Parent Portal through the District or Haven websites. Changes to information can be emailed to parents@district65.net


    Extra Curricular Activities

    Haven sponsors a great variety of extracurricular activities and sports programs.  Information about each program is available on the Haven Website (LINK)

    Students must attend school for at least half a day to attend any after school extra-curricular activities.


    Haven Physical Education

    Students will participate in physical education every day.  As part of their participation, students are expected to change into their uniform daily and have a heart rate monitor strap.  Students will need also need a Master combination lock for their gym locker.



    At Haven, homeroom is a small, multigrade group designed to develop relationships, organization skills, create community and reinforce school culture and climate. Your child will be a member of the same homeroom for their entire Haven experience.  Homeroom meets regularly during the first two weeks of the school year as we establish expectations and routines. In addition, homeroom meets on half-day Wednesdays. Homeroom teachers are responsible for issuing progress reports and report cards.  You can expect your child’s homeroom teacher will reach out to a few times each year. If you or your child have a question and are unsure who to contact, their homeroom teacher is the perfect place to start.




    Lunch will be served on every full day of school, including the first day.

    Menus are available on the District 65 website.  Hot lunches and a la Carte items are available.  Students may bring a bag lunch or purchase a hot lunch at school for $3.25.  A la carte items are also available for varying prices.  Parents can send in money to be placed on their child’s lunch account; make the checks payable to Haven Middle School, or payments can be made on the District 65 website.  

    Students who qualify for free or reduced hot lunch must complete an application form annually. 



    The Haven PTA actively contributes to Haven, enriching the experience of all children.  Please refer to the Haven PTA website information and flyers. 


    School Supplies

    For information on supplies for the 2019-2020 please contact the main office.  


    Staying Connected

    At Haven the parent/school connection is very important to us and we want to make sure you know the best way to stay informed and connected on what’s important for your child(ren). A few options to consider:

    The Haven E-News, PTA website and the Haven website, are the best ways to stay informed about events, forms, and student activities.

    The Haven Middle School website contains resources for parents and students, staff contact information, information about the library, athletics, and extracurricular activities as well as a calendar of upcoming events, news and announcements. It also has a link to the the Haven PTA website.

    The Haven PTA website contains information about PTA sponsored events as well as volunteer and membership information. Families can also register for the Haven Student Directory, sign up to receive Haven E-Newsletter, and become a volunteer.

    • Haven E-News

    The Haven E-News is a weekly, PTA produced, electronic newsletter emailed directly to families. Recipients of the Haven E-News will also, on a limited number of occasions throughout the year, receive information about about special events. Sign-up for E-News through the PTA Website.

    • Haven Student Directory

    The Haven Student Directory is a resource for families to communicate with each other. Families must independently sign-up to be added to the Haven Student Directory. Families may elect to include preferred contact information in the directory. Information will only be included if families register online. Register for the Haven Student Directory on the Haven PTA website.



    In order to ensure student safety there are a few drop-off and pick-up procedures.

    • Students who are being dropped off or picked up by car should be picked-up on Prairie Avenue ONLY.
    • Before and after school, Prairie Avenue is a one-way street heading north.
    • Students are not to be dropped off or picked-up on Lincoln between Prairie and Green Bay.  
    • Students may not be dropped off or picked in the parking lot.

    Please help us keep our children safe.


    Tutoring Network

    Haven Tutoring Network is organized and manned by Haven parents, both former and current, to provide added support to Haven students during the school day.

    Please contact Jeanne Husain or Nancy Doyle for more information.

    Jeanne Husain ~ jhusain@comcast.net

    Nancy Doyle ~ ndoyle2506@gmail.com 


    Ventra Cards

    Ventra Cards are available for purchase in the main office for $2.00. Cards allow students to ride on school days for a discounted rate. Cards must be renewed annually.



    We are eager to increase our parental involvement! Partnership between parents and the school is a strong component for our successful educational programming.  Through joint collaboration, we are certain we can enhance our children’s middle school experience and achieve greater success. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Volunteer Form (Link),  Tutoring Network Form (Link), or contact a PTA representative.


    Who to Contact

    Not sure who to contact or for general questions, an email can be sent to havenschool@district65.net.



    Contact Information


    Attendance Hotline



    Option #1

    • Report all student absences

    Your Child’s Homeroom Teacher


    The perfect place to start for any question concern.

    • Progress Reports
    • Report Cards
    • Conferences

    Your Child’s Teacher


    Staff Directory

    • Questions about homework
    • Academic support
    • Issues with another peer

    Main Office

    Felicia Hughes
    Head Secretary

    Sasha Smith .                         Attendance Secretary




    • Emergencies
    • Homework requests
    • Leave a teacher or staff member a message
    • Need to reach someone immediately
    • Ventra Cards
    • Attendance

    Health Clerk

    Alberta Dortch


    • Health-related questions or concerns
    • Medication
    • Doctor’s letters
    • Immunizations

    Mental Health Team


       - Social Workers

    Geri Helfand
    Grades 7 and 8

    Rose Ibarra
    Grades 6 and 8

    Laura Dziekiewicz-Diaz
    (Part-time ~ Bilingual)




    • Family social-emotional support (divorce, family illness, stress management)
    • Individual social-emotional Support (stress, anxiety, school avoidance)

       - Psychologist

    Allina Nikolopoulou



    Tutoring Network

    Jeanne Husain

    Nancy Doyle



    • Interested in tutoring

    Speech Therapist

    Savannah Hubly




    Kathleen Roberson

    Diona Lewis
    Assistant Principal                              8th Grade and Team Tuskeegee

    Amy Wharton
    Assistant Principal                              6th Grade and Team Spelman






    • Issues with a teacher or staff member
    • Safety concerns
    • Any unresolved issue


    Kristin O'Connor
    PTA President