• residency requirements

    To attend a District 65 school on a tuition-free basis, a student must reside within the boundaries of the district. Click here to view the district attendance boundaries. To be considered a legal District 65 resident, a child must reside within the school district with:

    • a natural or adoptive parents listed on the birth certificate;
    • a court-ordered guardian;
    • an adult that receives public aid on behalf of the child; or
    • an adult who has assumed and exercises responsibility for the child and provides him/her with a fixed, night-time residence. The child must eat and sleep at this residence on a regular basis, and not for the sole purpose of having access to District 65’s educational programs.

    Property owners within District 65 boundaries who do not live at the property are not considered legal residents and their children do not qualify to attend school on a tuition-free basis.

    Please visit the following link to determine your local area school: 311 Address Finder


    Accepted Proof of Residency 

    Proof of residency is part of the registration process whereby documentation is needed to show that you live within the district boundaries. Copies of current documents that show your name, the student's address, most recent date, and identifies the source must be submitted. Please see detailed requirements below:


    **Residency attestations are used when a lease is not available. Click here to download the attestation form. Copies may also be obtained at the JEH Education Center, 1500 McDaniel Ave, Evanston. The district may require a home visit and/or additional documentation to verify residency.


    Change of Residence 

    If a family moves during the school year, they are required to provide the new address and phone number to the school office. If the move is within the district, residency documents containing the new address must be provided to the registration staff at the JEH Education Center (1500 McDaniel Avenue, Evanston).

    A student whose family moves out of the district during the school year is permitted to attend school tuition-free for the remainder of the school year. If the change of residence is due to a military obligation of the person with legal custody of the child, the child may maintain his/her residence for the purpose of registration and enrollment as determined prior to the military obligation. This request must be submitted in writing.



    If you have questions regarding residency requirements or student registration, please contact the Registration Department at:

    Harriet Pontikes (English and Greek language support): 847-859-8056
    Arait Zamudio (English and Spanish language support): 847-859-8060
    Saranda Karpuzi (English, Albanian, and Spanish language support): 847-859-8055

    or send an email to parents@district65.net