limited school choice program

    District 65 Limited School Choice includes the following programs/school options: African-Centered Curriculum (ACC), Two-Way Immersion (TWI), Magnet Schools and Permissive Transfers

    The application process is OPEN ONLY to registered students living within the District 65 attendance boundaries. To ensure an equitable selection process, the only information used to make selections is what is contained on the application and received through registration.

    Limited School Choice Applications for currently enrolled 2018-2019 students are available in the Parent Portal beginning on January 22, 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    Limited School Choice Applications for students new to District65 for the 2019-2020 school year apply as part of the New Student Registration Form (click to access form). 

    Applications for all students must be submitted by March 31, 2019 to be considered as part of the first selection round. First round lottery selection confirmation for the 2019-20 school year will be provided before the end of June 2019.

    Please note: students who have not completed all required registration steps and provided approved residency documents will not be eligible for lottery selection; this applies to all re-registrations and new students. 

    Application for the Limited School Choice program will open on January 22, 2019.

    CURRENTLY ENROLLED Students (2018-19 school year), please c
    lick on the following link to begin your application:

    Parent/Guardian SISK12 Login Re-Registration Instructions Button Re-Registration Instructions Button_Spanish

    STUDENTS NEW TO THE DISTRICT have the option to apply for the Limited School Choice Lottery via the New Student Online Registration Form (click here).

    deadlines (dates are subject to change)

    • Students may apply after March 31, 2019, but they will not receive an application decision until July/August 2019.

    • Families who apply to the Limited School Choice lottery and who have not fulfilled all registration/re-registration* requirements will not be considered until those requirements are met. 

      *Re-registration notices will be sent directly to families who are required to complete this process on January 22, 2019.

      *District staff will send a confirmation message directly to families once they have fulfilled all registration/re-registration requirements. 



    Applicants are assigned a random number and chosen by lottery. When making permissive transfer, magnet program, and magnet school selections, consideration is given to gender balance and enrollments at the schools impacted by the selection.

    If you receive a selection letter, you will be given a deadline by which to inform the District whether or not you accept the placement. If you do not respond by the deadline given, your offer will be rescinded and given to another student.

    Limited School Choice selection preferences are given to the following as long as the gender balance and relief of overcrowding goals are not violated:

    • Magnet school applicants who live within a neighborhood preference area
    • Siblings of students placed at a school for programmatic reasons
    • Siblings of a student currently attending a magnet school or participating in a magnet program

    Students who attend a school on permissive transfer are not eligible for district transportation services. Permissive transfer students must attend on a consistent basis and student attendance is reviewed throughout the school year. Students who are excessively tardy or absent may be required to forfeit their permissive transfer and return to the attendance-area school.

    For more information about permissive transfers, please contact the Registration Team:

    Harriet Pontikes: 847-859-8056
    Arait Zamudio: 847-859-8065
    Email: lottery@district65.net

    application overview (UPDATEd slides FOR 2019-20 School year coming soon)

    Please view the following slides for more information on the Limited School Choice program application: