• Proposed Reductions for the 2017-2018 School Year
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    On March 20, 2017, the School Board approved a list of proposed reductions if the April 4th referendum does not pass. District 65 is facing significant budget shortfalls largely due to stagnant revenues and increasing costs, student enrollment growth (+1,592 students over ten years), and inadequate state funding. If the referendum does not pass, we must make $5.1 million in reductions in ‘17-18 alone. Without additional revenue, the district will have to reduce an additional $3.7 million in ‘18-19, with even more reductions in the following years. More information is available in the presentation to the School Board on March 13.
    School-based Reductions ($3.9 million / 40 full-time positions)
    In the event of a successful referendum, all school-based reductions will be reinstated.

    Non-Personnel ($700,000)
    • Continue to delay purchase of new science curriculum materials ($550,000)
    • Eliminate Camp Timberlee ($70,000)
    • Additional non-personnel ($80,000)
      • School leadership support/coaching
      • Block grants/dues and fees reduction
    Personnel ($3.2 million)
    • School Leadership - Assistant Principals ($350,000)
      • Non-Title I Schools
      • Elementary schools with less than 500 students
      • Middle schools with more than one assistant principal
    • Class size increases (elementary guidelines +3 students in Year 1; +5 students in Year 2; middle school guidelines at 28 students) ($1.36 million)
    • Additional school-based staff reductions ($1.46 million)
      • Middle school arts class size increases and industrial arts reduction
      • Middle school physical education class size increases
      • Library media assistants
      • Fourth and fifth grade band/orchestra
      • PBIS coaching support
      • Two-Way Immersion (TWI) aides
      • Middle school athletics
    Central Administration & Operations ($1.2 million / 9 full-time positions)
    In the event of a successful referendum, the majority of central administration reductions will be reinstated.

    Non-personnel ($740,000)
    • General Reductions ($375,000)
      • Transportation efficiencies
      • Consulting and training budget (Hanover, Aramark, Special Services training)
      • Fees and community events 
    • Other non-personnel reductions
    • Technology Reductions ($100,000)
    • Revenue Generation ($265,000)
      • Increased fees and fee collection
      • Medicaid Reimbursement
    Personnel ($470,000)
    • Cabinet salaries/benefits ($65,000)
    • Administrator professional development benefits reduction ($40,000)
    • Secure external funding for current research and strategy staff ($110,000)
    • Support staff layoffs and reorganization ($255,000)