• Curriculum Maps
    In District 65, our teachers, administrators, and educational support staff work together to support the academic achievement of every child. During the summer and fall of 2015, with the input of teachers, the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Department developed curriculum maps to provide an overview of the curriculum at each grade level. Our goal is to provide families with a better understanding of what their child is learning in the classroom and how it is aligned to standards and instructional materials used in District 65. These documents act as a roadmap for student learning by identifying units and standards taught across the school year in mathematics, English language arts (reading and writing), social studies, and science. The District 65 curriculum maps include information on topic and focus, standards, content and essential questions, and end-of-unit assessment. The curriculum maps are a part of the District 65 instructional framework and provide a greater level of specificity than existing scope and sequence documents.

    District 65 is committed to serving every child, every day, whatever it takes. Not all children learn in the same way or have the same needs. Classroom teachers may change the timing and sequence of the topics or adapt the units to support the different learning styles of their students. Teachers will use different strategies to make content more accessible to students and will also provide alternate activities to help deepen comprehension for advanced learners.

    Your child’s teacher will be the best resource for questions about classroom learning. For other questions related to curriculum and instruction, please contact the C&I Department at 847-859-8030.
    Please note that work is currently underway to develop and finalize curriculum maps for kindergarten through third grade in reading and first through third grade in writing.