Math Acceleration Information

  • Since the closure of schools in March, District 65 has been working actively to adapt our practices in order to provide high quality, rigorous, and equitable learning experiences for all students. Included in our work has been an examination of math acceleration practices during the COVID-19 environment. At this time, we do not see a reliable, feasible, or beneficial option for our 5th and 6th grade math acceleration testing.

    As a result, testing for math acceleration will not occur and alternate math placements will not be implemented this fall, as would be our practice during the typical school setting. All students will move to their next sequential math class.


    Math placement for the fall of 2020 was as follows:

    • Students taking Math 5 this year will be placed in Math 6
    • Students taking Math 6 this year will be placed in Math 7
    • Students currently in Math 6/7 will be placed in Algebra
    • Students in 7th grade or younger taking Algebra this year will be placed in Geometry


    Families who wish to learn more were invited to an informational meeting held by the STEM Department June 1st via Zoom (click here for a  bilingual recording of the video, here for a copy of the slide deck in English, and here for a copy of the slide deck in Spanish).

    A second information meeting was held on August 19th (click here for a recording of the video, here for a copy of the Spanish slide deck, here for a copy of the English deck, and here for a copy of the chat). You may also contact your principal or email with any additional questions. 

    We will monitor students’ math learning closely throughout the coming year. Our number one goal is to ensure a strong foundation of mathematical concepts and reasoning for students. We have not only built new structures, incorporated new instructional materials, and provided opportunities for teachers’ professional learning, but are also crafting a clear framework for how we will be monitoring impacts of this change on student experience and learning.

    We will be monitoring the change by staying connected to the classrooms and students, learning from their experiences, and making adjustments along the way that meet students’ varied needs. Further, we will use evidence collected from our monitoring to inform recommendations for the 2021-22 school year.

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