• School Climate

    During the development of the district's strategic plan, students, staff, parents, and the community agreed on the need to expand and develop social emotional learning services and programming within our schools. As a result of this input, over the next three years the district is phasing the following into all schools: restorative justice programming; expanded social emotional learning programs; and school climate teams.

    The goals of this work are as follows:

    • promote a positive school climate that nurtures students’ social and emotional, ethical, and academic growth;
    • build capacity in schools to recognize and solve problems related to equity;
    • help schools integrate social and emotional learning with academic instruction;
    • support staff in their continued efforts to address student and family needs; and
    • foster respect for everyone in all of our buildings.

    Everyone in a school building—the students, staff, parents, and community members—contributes to creating and maintaining a safe and positive school climate. The School Climate Teams in each school will help nurture healthy relationships among members of the school community to promote an environment that helps all children learn and grow. The School Climate Team in each building will also support the social emotional learning programs established in the school, including restorative justice sharing circles.