• Our Staff
    The Family Center program staff members are highly qualified individuals trained to implement family support and childcare services. Currently, the District 65 Family Center and Doorway to Learning Childcare Center have a total of 20 staff members, including 17 that hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. All staff members have experience working with children and/or families and are committed to the program’s goals. The Center has eight bilingual staff members that speak five different languages. Our staff is dedicated and experienced in teaching, family literacy and support, conducting home visits, and providing parenting education, parent/child interactive activities, and case management services.

    Family Support Advocates
    Family Support Advocates are coaches, who support parents in learning to promote their child’s developmental well-being. Their position requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in child development, elementary or special education, or a related field. Advocates support families in addressing their concerns and priorities by:
    • assessing child development in partnership with families (screenings, observations, etc.)
    • working in partnership with families to develop a Individual Family Support plan, which outlines and addresses families’ concerns and priorities
    • identifying services and supports that benefit the child’s development
    • providing developmental activities that enhances the child’s development
    • developing teaching strategies for families that they can implement during the natural routines of the day (bath time, bedtime, playtime, mealtime)
    • developing strategies to address challenges (behavioral, sleeping, eating)
    • directing families to resources on topics of interest (literature, video tapes, special equipment, names of people to contact)
    • linking families to support services (Medicaid, school services, therapies, medical services, community programs)
    • providing emotional support to families
    Child Development Teachers
    Child Development Teachers are primarily responsible for the care and development of children in the Early Head Start Center. These teachers are responsible for ensuring that the childcare environment is developmentally appropriate and conducive for exploration and learning by the children in the program. Teachers work in partnership with families to set goals for children, assess child development, and to develop individualized plans to meet each child’s unique needs. Teachers promote healthy social/emotional growth, as well as enhance children’s language, cognitive, and physical development, preparing them for future academic success.