• Transportation Services

    students in front of school bus The District 65 Transportation Department works alongside the school bus companies and families to provide safe and efficient service for students to and from school. Throughout the course of the year, the district will transport over 2,500 students on approximately 185 bus routes. Bus service is contracted through a local company - Positive Connections. The district provides free student transportation for elementary students who reside 1.5 miles or more from their attendance area school or reside where walking to school or to the bus stop would constitute a serious safety hazard.

    Children enrolled in the Head Start program at the JEH Early Childhood Center are transported by Chicago School Transit. Families with children enrolled in the Head Start program may direct questions about service or to check on the status/location of a bus to the Student Transportation Department at (847) 859-8300.  



    Families are encouraged to call the District 65 Transportation Department directly with questions or concerns regarding bus stops, bus routes, or bus drivers. Click here to read a welcome letter from Mr. Gatta.

    Lou Gatta, Transportation Coordinator
    (847) 424-2425

    JoDe Dietsch, Transportation Secretary
    (847) 424-2426


    Positive Connections Bus Company
    (847) 492-0115 or (847) 492-1541