Your Washington School PTA

  • The all-volunteer Washington School PTA is an active and engaged group that supports the students and school community. The PTA does wide variety of things to support students and their families. You can get a sense of the scope below. We can use all types of volunteers, whether you have one hour a week or month to volunteer or want to dive into more. To get involved, check out OPEN positions and contact Volunteer coordinator Ursula Arsenault for more information.
    La PTA de la Escuela washington es un grupo activo y comprometido que apoya a los estudiantes y a la comunidad escolar. La PTA hace una amplia variedad de cosas para apoyar a los estudiantes y sus familias. Puede hacerse una idea del alcance a continuación. Podemos usar todo tipo de voluntarios. Para participar, consulte las posiciones abiertas y póngase en contacto con la coordinadora de Voluntarios Ursula Arsenault para obtener más información.

    2021-22 Leadership Committee

    • Co-Leader, Volunteer Coordinator and PTA Council Liaison: Ursula Arsenault
    • Co-Leader, Treasurer and PEP Liason: Kelly Spence
    • Co-Leaders, Fund Raising: Lindsay Janasiak
    • Co-Leader, Secretary and Communications Coordinator: OPEN
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Sub-Committee Members (WCAC): Megan Kennedy-Farrell and more

    Communications Group

    • Calendar Committee: Adriana Fiore
    • Bulletin Board Coordinator: Rachel Gedemer
    • Newsletter Translator (Spanish): Alicia Marshall
    • Directory Coordinator: OPEN
    • Spanish Translators:
    • Washington Wolves Layout Editor: OPEN
    • Washington Website Chair: OPEN
    • Social Media (FB, Slack, Listserve): OPEN
    • Graphic Designer(s)OPEN

    For questions about the Communications Group, please contact tbd

    Community Involvement Group

    • Coaching Coordinator: Ryan Foran
    • Fall Welcome Events: Christi Silver
    • Kindergarten Playdate Hosts:  Nora Kahn and Maurya Delaney
    • ESCCA Chair: Valerie Velho
    • New Family Partners: Claire Bain
    • Good Morning (formerly Books and Breakfast): Sara Abu-Absi, Claire Bain
    • Lost and Found Detective: Sara Walker
    • CARES Coordinators:  OPEN
    • Community Connector Volunteer Leads: OPEN
    • Evanston Swims Chair: OPEN
    • Community Breakfast Chair: OPEN
    • One Book/ Read-a-Thon Coordinator: OPEN
    • Teacher Appreciation Chairs: OPEN
    • Fluency Tutors: OPEN
    • Welcome Back Coffee: PTA Leadership
    • D65/ Washington Liaison for the ABC Family Group (African American, Black, Caribbean Affinity Group): OPEN
    • D65/Washington Liaison for AFH/W (Asociación de Familias Hispanas/a Washington): OPEN
    • D65/Washington Liaison for BPAC (Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee): OPEN

    For questions about the Parent Involvement Group, please contact Ursula Arsenault

    Student Enrichment/Culture Group

    • Artist-in-Residence Chair: Kristine Schutz
    • Clubs Coordinator: Allison Kamen and Adriana Fior
    • "Good Mornings" program Coordinators: Sara Abu-Absi and Claire Bain
    • 5th grade Celebration Committee: Lea Weems and Maura Jauntirons
    • Garden Chairs: Jennifer Satut and Jeanne Barclay
    • Green Team: Sylvia Wooller 
    • Garden Volunteers: OPEN
    • Additional Green Team roles:  OPEN
    • Book Nook Co-Chairs: OPEN
    • Evanston Scholastic Chess Coordinator: 
    • Cultural Arts: Griffin’s Tales: OPEN
    • Science Fair Co-Chairs: OPEN
    • Wellness Committee Chair: OPEN
    • Class Photos/ Yearbook Editor: OPEN
    • Cultural Unity Event: OPEN
    • AAPI Heritage Month: OPEN
    • Black History Month: OPEN
    • LGBTQIA+ History Month
    • Spring Picnic Chair: OPEN
    • White Anti-Racism Affinity Group Liaison: Megan Kennedy-Farrell

    For questions about the Student Enrichment/Culture Group, please contact Ursula Arsenault

    Fundraising Group

    • Spiritwear: Liza Holtzman
    • Online Payment Portal: Lise Jinno
    • Fall Fest Co-Chairs: OPEN
    • Fall Giving Campaign: OPEN
    • Book Fair Chair: OPEN
    • Spring Fund Raising Event or Campaign: OPEN
    • Grants Coordination: OPEN
    • Box Tops: OPEN
    • Passive Marketing (Box Tops, Food 4 Less): OPEN


PTA Agenda and Minutes

  • Washington Exec Meeting Minutes June 8, 2020

    Washington Exec Meeting Minutes June 8, 2020

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  • Washington Exec Meeting Minutes April 21, 2020

    Washington Exec Meeting Minutes April 21, 2020

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  • Washington Exec Meeting Minutes February 19, 2020

    Washington Exec Meeting Minutes February 19, 2020

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  • Washington Exec Meeting Minutes January 22, 2020

    Washington Exec Meeting Minutes January 22, 2020

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  • Washington Exec Meeting Minutes January 17, 2020

    Washington Exec Meeting Minutes January 17, 2020

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  • Washington PTA Exec Team Meeting 10-29-2019

    Washington PTA Exec Team Meeting 10-29-2019

    Washington PTA Executive Committee Meeting
    October 29, 2019

    In Attendance: Kate Ellison, Norah Utley, Kelly Spence, Ursula Aresenault, Tracy Olasimbo, Katie Brick, Lisa Applegate

    Many thanks to Tracy, Ursula, Katie, and other board members who have helped out when club leaders have been absent or other confusions arouse. We are in desperate need of someone to volunteer as chair, an

    d agreed it’s time to communicate in as many ways as possible:

    Tracy and Katie will develop language that includes the fact that we are now at risk of not having Winter Clubs if someone doesn’t volunteer. The job is seasonal, can be done at home and doesn’t require meetings or set hours, and the systems have already been put in place (and club organizations have already been recruited) so the process is simple. We are looking for someone who is organized and able to communicate in a timely manner with club organizers and parents.
    Lisa will then use that language to ask community connectors to email their families. Norah will post language on Facebook.

    We also noted that other key volunteers will have to be recruited next year for Fall Fest, Bird Bash, and a school supplies coordinator.

    2. Planning for Friday’s Principal Coffee:
    Kate will start Q&A and open-ended discussions, and then members of the exec board will give update on open slate positions (especially Clubs) and PTA activities. Kelly will have a treasury update available too.

    3. School Supplies:
    This is the first year of using Cheddar Up for the school supplies, and we are still working out the kinks. This year, to avoid sending bills home with kids, Kate had been emailing families - she’s had to follow up with about half of the families who hadn’t paid. We were about $4,000 short this fall.

    Spring may have to include a more visible push to make sure parents pay, and we may need to boost the amount we give teachers. Are we covering the amount needed for teachers? (We’ve always had surplus in past years.)

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For COVID assistance to our families through the Evanston Community Foundation (Check off the "PTA Equity Fund" box: