Welcome to Washington! (Bienvenidos a Washington!)

Washington Elementary School Teachers
  • Our first day of school is Thursday, August 27, 2020.

    First Day of School (K-8)

    All students will begin the school year in Remote Learning regardless of which pathway they chose.

    For more information, go to the D65 Website

  • Drop Off

    The information below may be updated for the 2020-21 school year...


    Washington School is a neighborhood school and we encourage all of our families to walk to school.

    Arriving by Bike: There are several bike racks to accommodate students who ride their bikes.

    Arriving by Car: If you choose to drive, the official drop off area for Washington is at the intersection of Florence and Lee. The Robert Crown parking lot is also a safe spot for parking and drop off. For the safety of all of our students we insist that families do not drop off in the school parking lot or on Ashland Street. This also helps ensure that the parking lot has adequate space for our teachers & staff.

    Line Up & Dismissals

    This information will be updated for the 2020-21 school year once plans are finalized.


  • New Family Partners

    Our new family partner program usually runs throughout August. New families can expect to receive an email or phone call from a current Washingon family. This family is your resource for any Washington related questions - and a first welcome into the Washington community! Questions about the program? Please email our New Family Partners Coordinator Claire Bain.

We Love Washington

FAQ (English)

  • When is the first day of school? Is it a full day?

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    The first day of school is Thursday, August 27, 2020. All students will begin school remotely regardless of which path they choose.
    The in-person learning option is currently scheduled to begin on September 29.


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  • What time does school begin and end?

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    Plans are being finalized about the details of the school day.

    Continue to check the D65 wensite and communications from Principal Kate Ellison for more information.

    During past school years:
    School begins at 9:05 a.m. and ends at 3:35 p.m. Playground supervision begins at 8:55 a.m.; please don't drop off children before then. The first warning bell rings at 8:58 a.m. The second one sounds at 9 a.m. Children arriving after 9:05 a.m. will be marked tardy. 


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  • Is the building safe during in-person learning?

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    Yes. Doors are locked at all times. Visitors (including parents) must stop by the office to sign-in, leave an ID, and pick-up a visitor’s badge.
    During the 20-21 school year, we do not anticipate having outside people or volunteers come visit the school.


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Preguntas Frecuentes (Español)

  • ¿A qué hora comienza y termina la escuela?

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    La escuela comienza a las 9:05 y termina a las 3:35. Supervisión en el patio de recreo comienza a las 8:55 am; los niños no deben ser en el patio de recreo hasta este momento. Los niños que lleguen después de 9:05 se les considerara serán tardes.


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  • ¿Cuántos estudiantes asisten Washington?

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    Washington tiene aproximadamente 525 estudiantes en los grados K-5. Somos la única escuela que tiene dos componentes de la inmersión doble o programa TWI, lo que lleva a los estudiantes de todo Evanston a la Escuela Washington.


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  • ¿Es seguro el edificio?

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    Sí. Las puertas están siempre cerradas. Visitantes (incluyendo a los padres) deben pasar por la oficina para firmar su nombre, dejar identificación, y recoger un pase de visitante.


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  • ¿Tiene una mascota?

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    Sí, es el “Thunderbird”. 


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