The PTA also maintains a listserv for the Nichols community. using Google Groups as the platform.  To join please click here.
    why join the listserv?
    Want to get those important last minute announcements from school?  Have a question that you think a seasoned Nichols parent could answer? You can accomplish both by joining the Nichols Listserv.  It's a great way for our families to get information about what's going on at Nichols, as well as to share information with each other.
    To manage the flow of e-mails you receive, when you join the listserv you can elect to receive each post as a separate email, or receive them grouped together or in digest form.  Feel free to choose the format that works best for you. 
    Don't miss out on this valuable resource for our community!
    You can view the latest messages at Google Groups.