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    The goal of Dewey PTA is to Enrich Education and to Build Community for ALL Dewey students and their families.  To achieve this goal we organize a strong mix of enrichment programs, activities and community events.  Our programming is open and accessible to EVERYONE, and we encourage you to come along to our event and join our thriving Dewey Community.  You will also find that there is no shortage of volunteer opportunities to fit everyone's schedules. 

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    PARENT SURVIVAL GUIDE:  For an explanation of EVERY program at Dewey, read our Parent Survival Guide / Una Guia De Superviviencia Para Los Padres  
    PTA Meetings & Parent Engagement: These meetings are held monthly on Tuesday evenings.  The first 20 minutes is PTA business followed by an hour of presentation and discussions on subjects of most interest to Dewey Parents.  We invite guest speakers to talk about a range of subjects like Homework, Inclusion, Fine Arts, Social Emotional Learning, & Diversity.  Find minutes from our meetings here.
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