The Evanston/Skokie School District 65 Library Media Department is committed to equipping students with the resources, skills and tools to be responsible learners for the 21st century.Through collection development, teacher collaboration and student instruction,library media specialists work to support the District curricula and instruction goals, teach information literacy skills, to utilize technology and foster literature appreciation. The Department promotes cooperation with the high school library, public libraries and other community agencies to create lifelong learners.

    All Washington students participate in a weekly 47-minute period of instruction in the library. Students are provided read-alouds, booktalks, instruction in information literacy skills, and the opportunity to check out books. In addition, students are welcome to visit the library on an unscheduled basis to check out books or to utilize print and online resources whenever the library is open and the librarian is available.

    Kindergarten - Students may check out 1 book weekly to keep in their classrooms. It is due the following week and must be returned before another book may be borrowed.

    First Grade - Students begin the year by checking out 1 book weekly to keep in their classroom. As the year progresses,the first grade students will take their library books home.

    Second/Third Grade - Students may check out 2 books weekly and take them home.

    Fourth/Fifth Grade -Students may check out 2 books weekly and take them home.

    If a student wishes to keep a book for a longer period of time, it may be renewed.

    * No new book(s) may be checked out, until students have returned their checked out book(s).
    We strive to teach our students to be responsible throughout the school. When a book is overdue, students are verbally reminded about the book. Fines are NOT charged for overdue books. If students have lost or misplaced a library book, they are asked to have the adults in their family help them look carefully and return materials as soon as possible. Students who lose or damage library materials will be asked to pay the replacement cost for the item. Students with unpaid charges will have limited library check-out until the charges are paid. The librarian will have the flexibility to provide alternative ways for a financially burdened student to compensate the library for lost or damaged library materials. Refunds will be given when lost books are returned in good condition within the current school year.