• Parent/Family Resources

    Rice Children's Center and District 65 understand the importance of communication and relationships with parents/family members.  Please use the resources below as reference.


    Needs Survey

    Please fill out this form if you have any needs during the time that our schools are closed during the COVID-19 emergency. You do not need to fill out this form for each of the children in your family. We will keep your information confidential and do our best to address your entire family's needs by connecting you to D65 and community resources. Feel free to contact your school social worker and principal if you have any questions or need assistance with completing this survey. We are here for you, we love our D65 families!

    Needs Survey (English)

    Needs Survey (Spanish)


    Remote Learning Guidance for Families

    This school year, every child will be empowered and supported to productively continue their grade-level learning. This includes full access to learning, a welcoming classroom community with clear routines, structures and norms, and feedback to support ongoing learning and will lead to at least a year’s learning in a year's time. 

    As a community, we must continue to acknowledge the challenges and inequities many of our students and their families face. Yet, we hold the promise of affording quality learning experiences for all of our students in this challenging time and we continue to be immensely grateful to all of our educators and hardworking staff and leaders for making this possible.  

    Please note that information contained within this document is subject to change based on collaboration with our educators as well as updated guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education.

    Remote Learning Guidance for Families (English)

    Remote Learning Guidance for Families (Spanish)


    Understanding An Individual education plan 

    All students at Rice School have an individualized education plan (IEP).  The Individualized Education Plan is a legal document under United States law that is developed for each public school child in the U.S. who needs special education. It is created through a team of the child's parent and district personnel who are knowledgeable about the child's needs. 

    Here is a resource to better understand what an IEP.  The website shares an IEP overview, reviews contents within an IEP, who is on the IEP team, and when the team meets.