• School Profile Reports

    In Janaury 2020, District 65 presented the community with an updated Achievement and Accountability Report. Based on the vision of district leaders and input from our community, the newly developed report was designed to be informative, inclusive and valuable for all stakeholders.

    In addition to year-end data on key measures and metrics, the new report recognizes and highlights the achievements and accomplishments of our students, educators, principals, and community members. These achievements reflect the diverse array of learning and experiences that support student development and leadership. While accomplishments go beyond what is included in this report, they span many areas including the arts, STEM, civics and community engagement, sport team accomplishments, and student-led mentoring and advocacy. The new report also includes attendance measures and breakouts of MAP growth and attainment data by race and other student factors, including IEP status and English Language Learner status.

    As part of the updated format, District 65 developed profile reports for elementary, middle, and magnet schools. The data included in the school profile reports is consistent with the district report in order to promote transparency and clarity of information. We hope that these school profiles serve as a useful and meaningful resource for school communities, families, educators, and students.

District Achievement and Accountability Reports