Welcome to Nichols Middle School!
    Attending school every day, arriving on time, and being prepared to learn are important for ensuring a successful school experience.

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    Full Day Bell Schedule:

    1st Period  8:00-8:42 AM

    2nd Period 8:45-9:24 AM

    3rd Period  9:27-10:06 AM

    4th Period 10:09-10:48 AM

    5th Period (Lunch) 10:51-11:31 AM

    6th Period (Lunch) 11:34-12:14 PM

    7th Period (Lunch) 12:17-12:57 PM

    8th Period 1:00- 1:39 PM

    9th Period 1:42-2:21 PM

    10th Period 2:24-3:05 PM



    Early Dismissal Schedule: