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School Closing

Weather or Emergency School Closing Information for District 65 Families
District 65 rarely closes schools because of weather or other emergencies.  If it is necessary to close schools, information will be made available in a variety of ways:  

  • On the web at www.district65.net 
  • In a recorded message at 847 859-8002
  • E-mail notification to e-news subscribers*              
  • Automated telephone broadcast notification to District 65 families
  • Listen to WGN Radio 720-AM, WBBM Radio 780 AM or watch CBS Ch. 2, NBC Ch. 5, ABC Ch. 7, FOX 32, WGN-TV or CLTV cable
  • http://www.Emergencyclosings.com/complete.html
Every effort is made to make school closing information available by 6:30 am in the event severe weather requires a decision before the school day.   
Weather-related School Closings for D65 students who attend ETHS for math
If Evanston Township High School District 202 declares a “Late Start” due to weather, both period 0 and period 1 math classes are canceled; students should report to their middle schools for the start of period 2.  In general, D65 does not declare “Late Starts”; schools are either open or closed.  If D65 is open and D202 is closed, students should report to their middle school for the start of period 2.  If D202 is open and D65 is closed, students should attend their ETHS class; parents must arrange transportation from ETHS.
*E-mail notification also is available for caretakers and others who sign up to receive free e-news from District 65.  Visit the home page and click on "Join Our Mailing List."

1272010_43634_0.pngCold and Inclement Weather Procedures
Students are allowed to enter school prior to the normal entry time whenever the weather is inclement, such as in times of rain or snow storms, when the combination of temperature and wind chill is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit; or if the playground is unsuitable for students to use (such as when covered with ice or standing water).  These same guidelines are used to determine whether or not students remain indoors for their regular PE classes, recess periods, and when they will have shorter lunch recess periods.  Students may enter early or remain indoors if weather conditions are threatening.  A child will be permitted to early entry or indoor recess on the request of a parent for one day, or longer, if on the request of a doctor.
Parents are urged to send their children with appropriate dress for cold days (dry coats, hats, gloves or mittens) and particularly when the temperature is <40 degrees F.
Schools may be closed when the National Weather Service issues a Wind Chill Warning for wind chill values of -30 degrees F or colder. Under these conditions, frostbite can occur on exposed skin in as little as 15 minutes.  These conditions would be extreme enough to consider canceling school since children walking or waiting for a bus could be exposed long enough for injury to occur.  
Click on the attached file to view the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart    windchillchart3.pdf

Emergency response actions during the school day
Schools practice safety and fire drills throughout the year to help them stay prepared in the event of an emergency.  How a school responds depends on the type of threat that is being experienced.  Below are the Code Red, Yellow, White, and Green responses to conditions that may exist:

Code Red  is an emergency or dangerous situaton posing very serious threat to health and safety.  Faculty, staff, students and visitors go the nearest classroom or office, LOCK ALL DOORS, and wait for instructions. If in the cafeteria,  remain in the room and get under the tables.  All bells are ignored.  911 is called.  This condition remains until the ALL CLEAR is given.
Code Yellow is a situation that calls for ORDERLY EVACUATION of a distance of at least 500 feet from the site.  911 is called.  If the need exists to relocate to another site, all schools have an alternate evacuaton site.  During a code yellow, each interior door is closed after the room is cleared. Teacher keep classes intact in a safe area outside or at the alternate site. This condition remains until the ALL CLEAR is given.
Code White is when a danger exists in the COMMUNITY.  All exterior doors are locked and monitored until the  ALL CLEAR is given.
Code Green is the ALL CLEAR and normal activities resume.


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