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A message from Principal Khelghati
Principal Khelghati
December 19, 2016



Dear families,

The Kindergarten / First Grade Holiday Sing open rehearsal was certainly the highlight of the week. The multi-purpose room was filled with joy as we watched, listened, and sang along with the children. Many of the lyrics reminded me of our journey to learn from each other and to make meaningful connections to make Dewey an exemplary school. Our students’ creativity, thoughtfulness, curiosity and good humor were also on full display in this year’s first issue of Tiger Times. We do have a few extra issues in the office, and the link to the online issue should be coming out soon, so be sure to Read All about!

We will officially begin our countdown to the holiday break on Monday!  We just want to remind you that we do have a full week of school ending on December 23rd. Being here and ready can be a challenge for students, so any extra support is welcome.The staff and children will celebrate the holidays with our annual all-school Holiday Sing on Thursday. The Holiday sing is a time for students to gather with each other in song and celebration of the community.  All families and staff will have a chance to come together during your child’s classroom party.  Please contact your child’s teacher for specifics related to your class party.  

Finally, many of our Dewey teachers share ways to help your child stay academically connected during long breaks. These authentic learning experiences are more readily received if they are fun, engaging and involve other members of the family. Below is a link to a brief article with some suggestions to help keep your Dewey tiger mentally engaged.

Keep Skills Sharp During Winter Break


The Dewey Faculty and I extend to you our best wishes for a joyful and peaceful holiday season. We look forward to welcoming you back after the new year on January 9.

Dear families,

The rays of sunshine lit the Dewey halls on Wednesday at our Dance for Dewey fundraiser.

Those “rays of sunshine” were all of our Dewey parent volunteers (yes, dressed in yellow t-shirts) who helped make the dance a huge success.  We want to extend our gratitude to all of our Dewey families for joining us in this magnificent fundraiser. In keeping with the beach theme, we are truly appreciative for the “ripple” effect of this event. Our PTA makes it possible for all children to become involved in a variety of activities and events.

On behalf of our staff, we THANK YOU! One of our fourth graders stated it best (to our parents): “I wanted to tell you that this was the best dance for Dewey ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for setting it up.”

This fall our we have had a number of initiatives that are giving voice to how we support equity for all our students and families. Please join our Coffee with the Principal discussion on Thursday at 8 AM, to learn more about this work and dialogue with other parents and staff.  

Kind regards,

Andalib Khelghati